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The President of The FMS Forum and the Office Bearers had an interactive session on Saturday, August 22, 2020 with over 150 students of the First year MBA full time Program. From the 134 responses received 9 responses qualified for ‘The most thought-provoking’ comments. Each of these winners will receive a voucher of Rs.1000/- each. The names of the winners are as follows

  • ronak.a22@fms.edu
  • vedang.s22@fms.edu
  • vedant.a22@fms.edu
  • bhavnish.g22@fms.edu
  • anurag.s22@fms.edu
  • narendra.s22@fms.edu
  • pranav.p22@fms.edu
  • sumedha.m22@fms.edu
  • rahul.g22@fms.edu

Winners are required to send an email to president.thefmsforum@gmail.com confirming their personal and official Email ID and Mobile Number.
Within 3 days the winners will receive the Amazon Voucher worth ₹1000.