Founder's Day 2024
The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi, has been playing a seminal role in the growth of corporate sector and management education in India. FMS over the years, has produced successful Business Leaders, Thought Leaders and Wealth Creators.
  • The FMS Forum

    Institutions are built over time and judged by how they create generations of alumni who excel in their fields of endeavor and make an impact on society at large. FMS alumni have done this admirably, despite FMS being a non-autonomous body with limited resources. We are duty-bound, as successful alumni, to pay homage to our Business School for its seminal contribution in our lives and ensure that it occupies its rightful place among hallowed institutions.

    In 2015,The FMS Forum, a Not-For-Profit Society was formed by a group of passionate distinguished alumni in the spirit of ‘Guru Dakshina’ i.e. unconditionally giving back to the Alma Mater with gratitude and respect. It is largely funded by alumni membership and funds generated from events. The Dean of FMS , University of Delhi, is its Patron. The prime objective of THE FORUM  has been to create an intellectual platform through the global alumni network’s strategic leadership inputs, collective experience and pooled financial resources. It has resolved to continuously raise and establish the stature of Brand FMS as a top-notch contemporary  and thought-leading Management Institute ranked among the best. 

    The FMS Forum has organized conclaves attracting some of our country’s finest minds, providing Faculty and Students an opportunity to richly benefit from their conversations. It has institutionalized Founder's Day as a marquee event and launched the high-quality lecture series Words of Whizdom. The FMS Forum collaborates with participates in and financially supports the activities of Student bodies such as the Marketing Society, Entrepreneurship Cell and Finance group

    For the FMS Forum, this is just the beginning……

  • Message from Founding Members

    A deep sense of gratitude & a strong desire to give back to our alma mater has been behind the birth of this platform.

    We are a group of FMS alumni who have come together to float this platform in an attempt to create ways and means to pay back to our alma mater.

    The genesis of the FMS Forum can be traced back to the year 2010.

    The Class of 1979, with a spirit to give back to the alma mater that has contributed so much to our success, instituted the FMS Student Leadership Award in the year 2010. Every year, FMS Student Leadership Award invites participation from second year FMS Students, seeking their presentations and plans on a wide range of topics. The intent behind the award is to provide a platform to students to showcase their ideas, and work together with senior alumni towards building a stronger brand FMS.

    It was in the year 2012, that the idea of having an intellectual platform connecting FMS, Current students and Senior Alumni crystallized.

    Senior Alumni working with various leading organizations have since worked together to bring to life this new platform called the FMS Forum.

  • The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi, has been playing a seminal role in the growth of corporate sector and management education in India. FMS over the years, has produced very successful business leaders, management thinkers and wealth creators. The FMS Forum is an initiative by Senior Alumni and Business Leaders to bring together the alumni of FMS Delhi and create ways and means to express our gratitude to our alma mater.

    The FMS Forum : a not-for-profit society has been established with the following objectives:

    • To leverage the FMS Alumni Network to reinforce Brand FMS
    • To foster intellectual contacts between FMS and Alumni. To facilitate and assist through the same in adding value to the present FMS Academic Agenda, through activities including Expert Lectures, Case Development, Skill Development, support to the faculty etc., by drawing on the past experience and contacts of the Alumni fraternity
    • To bring together the Alumni of FMS for intellectual activities and exchanges and thereby promote the diffusion of knowledge in Management Thought and Practice.
    • To mobilize funds for the Corpus through Membership and Sponsorships to support the Forum's activities

    The Forum is a registered society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The Forum's membership is open to past students associated with any academic program as well as faculty members associated with FMS at any point in time.

    For details on activities that have been envisaged, please refer to the Activities page. You may also refer to the MOA document that details out the scope of activities for the FMS Forum.

  • You can contribute and support The FMS Forum in several ways including :

    • Becoming a Member
    • Donations (please use digital payment gateway)
    • Recommend, Identify and Support Corporate Research Assignments and Case Studies
    • Contribute by way of Articles to The FMS Forum website
    • Volunteer to undertake Mentorship and Guest Faculty roles
    • Support other efforts/ programs/ initiatives of The Forum to build the intellectual platform

    The FMS Forum is a not-for-profit society. The annual Income and Expenditure of The Forum is audited. The sources of funds are primarily from membership fees, alumni contributions, events and Sponsorships.

    To enroll as a member please do visit the section on membership.