Message from Founding Members

A deep sense of gratitude & a strong desire to give back to our alma mater has been behind the birth of this platform.

We are a group of FMS alumni who have come together to float this platform in an attempt to create ways and means to pay back to our alma mater.

The genesis of the FMS Forum can be traced back to the year 2010.

The Class of 1979, with a spirit to give back to the alma mater that has contributed so much to our success, instituted the FMS Student Leadership Award in the year 2010. Every year, FMS Student Leadership Award invites participation from second year FMS Students, seeking their presentations and plans on a wide range of topics. The intent behind the award is to provide a platform to students to showcase their ideas, and work together with senior alumni towards building a stronger brand FMS.

It was in the year 2012, that the idea of having an intellectual platform connecting FMS, Current students and Senior Alumni crystallized.

Senior Alumni working with various leading organizations have since worked together to bring to life this new platform called the FMS Forum