1. Participants must be 18 years old and permanently reside in the India or other country (proof of address or age may be required)
  2. The Questions should be in English and has to be submitted online in the Zoom Chat box.
  3. The contest shall open 30 minutes before the live session and end 15 minutes before the closing of the session. Any entries received before or after the given time span will be invalid.
  4. The jury will short list 7 to 9 questions; However, 5 best questions out of those will be rewarded with the gift voucher.
  5. Gift voucher of Rs. 5000/- {five thousand rupees} per Best Question; as declared by expert jury will be transferred to the winners.
  6. Winners need to furnish their email/mobile number /residential address/proof of age to be eligible to receive the prize. The organizers reserve the right to seek any additional details, if required.
  7. Results of winners will be announced at the end of the session by the guest and/or will be published on The FMS Forum Website – www.thefmsforum.com latest by 16th February 2021. Prizes will be transferred to winners on or before 23rd February 2021. In case the winners do not furnish their details as set out above and any other additional details they may be called upon to furnish by the organizers as required, by close of day of 20th February 2020, organizers are not obliged to wait/trace the contestant and will not be liable for the prize after 20th February 2021. The prizes will be transferred to the winners only and is not transferrable. Robots are not eligible to participate.
  8. The organizers are neither directly nor indirectly responsible and are not liable for network issues/call drops/ video failure/ or any related issues pertaining to transmission /receipt of questions from the audience. For any reason, whatsoever, the ONLINE question does not reach the organizers; the organizers bear no responsibility/liability.
  9. The organizers reserve the right to amend/modify the rules at any time without giving Notice to participants. The decision of the expert jury will be final and binding. No correspondence will be entertained by the organizers after close of sessions.
  10. Participation in any session by sending an entry will be deemed acceptance of the terms & conditions listed above.