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Make in India : A trillion Dollar Question
Mr. Pravin Malhotra

“Pravin Malhotra is Chairman and Managing Director of Nipman Fastener Industries Pvt. Ltd. His company has been repeatedly acknowledged for world class practices & has won several national awards. He has been on the Executive Committee at Auto Components Manufacturing Association (ACMA) & has participated in several international business delegations . He has also served as Assistant Governor Rotary District 3010 & President, Rotary Club of Noida.”

The 16th of May 2014 was a historic day in the history of modern India. The Indian citizenry put it’s faith behind a man for his track record and historic performance. The process was almost equivalent to shareholders pushing up a divisional head to be CEO of their conglomerate.

This CEO, our honorable Prime Minister immediately started travelling worldwide – not only making the India flag fly high but also attracting foreign manufacturers to invest in India. Prime Minister Modi definitely understands the 4 Ps of marketing – he started an aggressive campaign called “Make in India”, selling his vision to the biggest of corporates in the world. It is a tribute to his vision that the Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn committing to a 5 Billion Dollar investment in India.

While the external image has been worked on, we are also seeing some strong intent on the domestic front. The Goods and Services Tax – which for years has been in the pipeline has been brought to the forefront with a commitment by the government to have it implemented by April 2016.

India today not only has a population above a billion, but is also the world’s youngest demography – with 356 million 10 to 24 year olds who would future assets of this nation in an otherwise aging world. A population that would be a dynamic working population in times to come! In addition, with an aggregate population of above 1.2 billion, India also promises to be a big market which any company would ignore only at it’s own risk!

Flexible labour laws, something that was considered too adventurous to talk about have become a reality today. This, thanks to India’s federal structure with states competing for investments – and Rajasthan showing the way in this area! Our Prime Minister has been a Chief Minister in the past – he would be perfect in understanding the power of a federal structure encouraging states to compete with each other in
attracting investments which would eventually lead to employment!

If one does look at the larger picture, the India of today has the resources and the manufacturing units to efficiently use these resources. The India of today also has the consumer base to identify markets for these resources – a dream land for investors to tap in!

Recently, Google appointed Sundar Pichai as it’s CEO. With Satya Nadella running Microsoft and now Pichai running Google, we don’t need a better endorsement
of the power of the Indian mind. With a PM aggressively pushing forward the ‘Make in India’ campaign, and India leading the way in demographic and intellectual
excellence answers are coming easily for the Trillian Dollar Question on Make in India