Discuss & Debate contemporary issues which impact business & economy
At a time when the nation goes through economic, social and political inflection FMS
Forum intends to organize events and platforms such as panel discussions and talks to
spur and shape thinking, and pitch FMS as a thought leader.

Facilitate Case Development
Engage with faculty and students to foster case development. Collaborate and share practical insights from years of industry experience to help development of case studies.

Sponsor Research based projects
Provide a platform to faculty and students to reach out to a vast network of alumni to seek mentorship and support on various research based projects.

Organize Panel Discussions / Book Releases

Organize activities to support the ‘Academic’ excellence at FMS

For recent activities and events, please visit the Events section

  • Leverage Alumni network to create an ‘Intellectual” platform as distinct from Alumni Association whose objective is more ‘Social’
  • Position ‘FMS’ as a ‘Thought Leader’ in the field of Management Education in India
  • Support FMS on the ‘Academic’ agenda and contribute to its growth
  • Provide ‘Active’ interface to alumni with FMS to support and sponsor research based projects : Facilitate Case Development
  • Leverage Alumni network to reinforce ‘Brand FMS’