The FMS Forum

Institutions are built over time and judged by how they create generations of alumni who excel in their fields of endeavor and make an impact on society at large. FMS alumni have done this admirably, despite FMS being a non-autonomous body with limited resources. We are duty-bound, as successful alumni, to pay homage to our Business School for its seminal contribution in our lives and ensure that it occupies its rightful place among hallowed institutions.

In 2015, The FMS Forum, a Not-For-Profit Society was formed by a group of passionate distinguished alumni in the spirit of ‘Guru Dakshina’ i.e. unconditionally giving back to the Alma Mater with gratitude and respect. It is largely funded by alumni membership and funds generated from events. The Dean of FMS , University of Delhi, is its Patron. The prime objective of THE FORUM  has been to create an intellectual platform through the global alumni network’s strategic leadership inputs, collective experience and pooled financial resources. It has resolved to continuously raise and establish the stature of Brand FMS as a top-notch contemporary  and thought-leading Management Institute ranked among the best.

The FMS Forum has organized conclaves attracting some of our country’s finest minds, providing Faculty and Students an opportunity to richly benefit from their conversations. It has institutionalized Founder’s Day as a marquee event and launched the high-quality lecture series Words of Whizdom. The FMS Forum collaborates with participates in and financially supports the activities of Student bodies such as the Marketing Society, Entrepreneurship Cell and Finance group

For the FMS Forum, this is just the beginning……