Faculty of Management Studies – A Brand Unparalleled

The Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi has played a pioneering role in the development of professional Management Education in India. It was Prof. VKRV Rao, the visionary institution builder and founder of the Delhi School of Economics, who realized the need and importance of professional management education, and started a Cell that became the Department of Business Management for this purpose in the Delhi School of Economics in early fifties of the last century. In 1954 the All India Board of Management Studies set up by the Government of India identified the Universities of Delhi, Calcutta, Madras and Bombay to start three year Part-time Diploma courses in Business Management and Industrial Administration for working executives. Thus the first University based programmes in Management started in India under the leadership of Prof. A. Dasgupta, who was
appointed as Head of the Department by Prof. VKRV Rao

The philosophy, culture, and values instilled by Prof. A. Dasgupta laid the foundation of the FMS which most of the successive Deans and teachers have followed that have made FMS the top most University based management institution in the country. In addition to widely acclaimed books and research
papers published by the teachers, consultancy, MDPs, conferences and conventions organized by the Faculty, it has a diaspora of more than ten thousand distinguished alumni working all over the globe who have made outstanding contribution to the development of organizations, establishing new
enterprises, creating wealth and employment, and development of the country.

The Faculty of Management Studies is having its Inaugural Founder’s Day celebrations on December 15,2019 and I welcome all our faculties, alumni and current students of all the programmes who have come together to commemorate the spirit and ethos of its journey which made it grow from strength to

I am grateful to FMS Forum who took the lead in organizing this inaugural Founder’s Day celebration.
Let the noble thoughts come from all the directions!

Sunita Singh Sengupta