Any organisation must constantly review and repurpose its raison d’etre. The FMS Forum, formed about 7 years ago has continued its spirit of Guru Dakshina, in organising events that help to further fortify the Brand FMS. While broadly this purpose shall remain, it must be our endeavour to identify who our intended audience are and what kind of events would appeal to them.

In the past, we have worked collaboratively with every Dean, who is the de jure Patron of the Forum. While this will always continue, there is an urgent need to interact with other professors and lecturers and involve a larger community of the Business School in our activities, so that our events penetrate a larger audience and benefit a bigger community.

Needless to say, in addition to the events that we organise for appealing to students or alumni, we have to organise activities that would be viewed by the corporate world, such that, Brand FMS benefits and these benefits flow to the students in terms of better offers for jobs.

Our scope of activities can expand or widen and towards this we need more hands and legs. It is my great pleasure that younger alumni are joining. The presence of young and gender diverse members in the Executive Council gives us the opportunity to incorporate these members in various sub-committees and to generate “fresh and contemporary” ideas.

The world of Education and the place of work are all undergoing transformation post-Covid. It throws up new challenges, but also affords new opportunities for people in every sphere of life. Video conferences have enabled the Forum to invite panellists/Speakers from around the world and participants too have joined in from various locations outside Delhi.
We are on the right track, but…..

We shall continue to spread knowledge and experience in the coming years and strengthen our focus on building the brand FMS..